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Southern California's Manufacturers Representative

for water treatment, handling, piping and heating systems and components


Manufacturers Representative and Distributors For Water Heating, Distribution Piping, Temperature Control And Treatment Products For Plumbing, Mechanical And Hydronic Applications On Commercial, Industrial And Institutional Projects.

V&G Sales is the authorized Southern California manufacturers representative and distributor for top-tier companies specializing in commercial, institutional and industrial water heating, distribution piping, temperature control and treatment products for plumbing, mechanical and hydronic applications.

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    Browse the lines represented by V&G Sales Co. in Southern California

    Hamilton Engineering

    V&G Sales is the authorized Southern California representative for Hamilton Engineering’s line of high efficiency water heaters, hydronic boiler systems and EVO condensing boiler systems.

    Hamilton’s EVO line is engineered using technology developed and patented in Europe in 1992. To date, this technology has been installed in more than seen million facilities worldwide. Hamilton has combined the best of this technology with its years of experience in condensing equipment to design and develop a product line that broadens its applications and capacities, and eliminates many of the common mistakes made during installation.=

    Learn more about Hamilton’s water heating solutions and download data sheets on represented products.

    Thermacor Process

    V&G Sales Co., Inc. is the authorized Southern California representative for Thermacor Process’ line of pre-insulated piping for high and low temperature systems.

    Thermacor is a market leader in the design and manufacture of pre-insulated piping systems for both low and high temperature system applications. From the HT-406, Spiral-Therm 406 and Duo-Therm 505 for high temps, to the Ferro-Therm, Copper-Therm and Chill-Therm for low temps, Thermacor covers nearly any project’s needs.

    Learn more about Thermacor’s pre-insulated piping and download data sheets on represented products.

    Marlo Incorporated

    V&G Sales Co., Inc. is the authorized Southern California representative for Marlo’s extensive line of water treatment products.

    Marlo equipment includes water softening, media filtration, reverse osmosis, dealkalization, deionization, and more.

    Marlo’s mission statement Quality Products for Quality Water demonstrates their commitment to the best technology providing dependable solutions for commercial, institutional and industrial customers.

    Learn more about Marlo’s product line and download a copy of their current brochure.

    Town & Country

    V&G Sales Co., Inc. is the authorized Southern California representative for Town & Country’s neutralization systems, as well as their HDPE and polypropylene drains.

    Town & Country is the leader in neutralization/dilution systems and equipment. It’s the first choice for architects and project managers whose design challenges include neutralizing and/or diluting chemical bearing wastes and effluents. Their drains are made from the highest quality HDPE and polypropylene to ensure against corrosion and offer industry-leading acid resistance.

    Learn more about Town & Country’s neutralization systems and drain offerings and download data sheets.

    Town & Country


    V&G Sales Co., Inc. is the authorized Southern California representative and distributor for Elbi’s line of ASME code thermal expansion Tanks.

    Elbi’s DTS and DTL Series Thermal Expansion Tanks are designed according to the ASME CODE Section VIII – Div. 1 using the latest technology in terms of manufacturing processes and quality control. Available in standard 150 psi maximum working pressure. Intended for use in commercial and industrial fresh potable hot water applications, these tanks accept the expanded volume of hot water keeping the system pressure below the relief valve setting, thus preventing dangerous pressure build-up. All models are fitted with a replaceable bladder.

    Learn more about Elbi’s products now.

    Delta P Carver

    V&G Sales Co., Inc. is the authorized Southern California representative and distributor for Delta P Carver Water Boosting Systems.

    Rising energy costs necessitate a more cost effective way to maintain water pressure in buildings. Since many booster systems spend the majority of time maintaining building pressure at low flows, constant speed systems simply waste energy by recirculating water and creating heat. Our packages with Variable Speed Drives allow facilities to maintain constant pressure at reduced flows, cutting energy costs by at least 25%.

    Learn more about Delta P Carver’s products now.

    Wrap-It Link

    V&G Sales Co., Inc. is the authorized Southern California distributor for Wrap-It Link Wall Penetration Seals.

    Wrap-It Link™ is a versatile sealing link system designed to form a mechanical rubber seal between pipes going through walls, floors, vaults, tanks and pipeline crossings. Wrap-It Link makes a water-tight seal. It can also seal the gap between an inner pipe and an outer pipe sleeve or pipeline casing.

    Learn more about Wrap-It Link’s products now.

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